The Gurus of Social Media.

The Gurus of Social Media.

Will the REAL “Social Media Guru” please stand up! I sit here laughing! There are millions of hands in cyberspace raised. People jumping to their feet, an eruption of arguments about who wears the crown. Yet, I continue to laugh!!!

Everyone is in search for the number one spot of something. The hunger to be called the best is so insatiable that some claim it prematurely. They neglect the number ten spot that they truly hold and the current clients they earned along the way. All for a spot on a fictitious list! There are videos, books, and certifications that will teach you to be a “guru” in the field of social media. In fact, 8 out of 10 of those who claim the title are not gurus. A Guru is defined as an influential teacher or popular expert in a field. In social media, there are so many chiefs where are all the Indians?

It is definitely our duty as professionals to study and perfect our craft, the field does not matter. What matters the most is building our knowledge so that we may better serve our clients. Although, while all the ‘chiefs’ battle for the top spot there are entry level and experienced Indians scooping up neglected clients. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying the social media experts who have been the most successful have limited knowledge. There are experts who study the business and may or may not be a master of their trade. In their pursuit of a title that can allow them to charge ridiculous rates, they lose clients.

Remember to stay focused as you embark on the journey to becoming a guru. As a social media management expert, my goal is to satisfy my current clients by providing the best management and marketing strategy. To efficiently meet all of their needs while furthering my knowledge and building my client base. Shouldn’t that be the goal of most people? Yes. Goals are just idle words if we don’t do what we must to achieve them.

How many clients have you satisfied today?

What is the longest amount of time you have held a client?

What tangible reward has the guru label given you?

Whatever you consider yourself, guru, expert, or professional. The label is useless if we can not live up to it! What matters the most is client satisfaction and growth, your passion for the business. Continue to further your education and grow your business but be sure not to forget about the clients who make you successful.






We have made it through another successful Monday!!! The rest of the week will be a cake walk!!! Here is a little #MondayMotivation to inspire our fight for success.


Can Strong Working Relationships Increase Productivity?

Can Strong Working Relationships Increase Productivity?

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” -Paul Meyer


Can the development of strong working relationships increase productivity in the workplace? My answer to the question is an unequivocal ‘Yes’. Who does not want to be called by name and not referred to as an employee number? Everyone wants to feel needed and appreciated.

Productivity is the effectiveness of the productive effort by employees that can be measured by the rate of output from employees.

Fully staffed small and large businesses are constantly puzzled by low rates of productivity. Money is spent on hiring analysts and consultants to research the issue. Most times the blame falls on the shoulders of the overworked and underappreciated qualified employees. To solve the problem these companies “clean house.”

Throwing out the baby with the bath water!

The “out with the old in with the new” mentality is a temporary fix. Productivity rates of the businesses go up due to carefully set rules, goals, and expectations. New and eager employees abide by the standards put in place but once again productivity becomes stagnant. A hire and rehire culture begins along with it a reputation of high turnover rate. A blemish on the face and blow to the ego of the company. Yet, decision makers are too blind to see. There is an underlying issue that is not being addressed and it will not show up on statistical reports.

Ask and ye’ shall receive.

Production can be measured statistically. Although, it does not depend on a number of warm bodies you have in your establishment. Productivity does not exist by accident or by the wave of a wand. Understanding and knowing the person who commits to the success of your company. Reciprocate by allowing for some departmental social time. Dedicating time for employees to personally connect amongst themselves as well as with managers and higher ups within the working environment. Thus building trust and morale with your efforts to relate to those who help your company run efficiently. I had the pleasure of working remotely with a company that devoted an hour to face time weekly. Entry level employees, managers, and top level execs met up on Skype to chat about anything but work. There was always a hiring freeze, no one wanted to leave the company and production was never an issue discussed at company meetings.

But we offer incentives!

Our pay is reasonable, the benefits package is great and we offer quarterly incentives. It’s not always about the ‘Benjamins’! Think about those who have been with the company for three or more years. They are so familiar with the routine, they know what you will do before you do it. The excitement of receiving bonuses is temporary. Once the money is gone so is the excitement! Instead, apply intelligent planning by putting forth equal effort into building a relationship with your employees as they do to growing your business. How many of your employees do you know by name?


The Fight: “Quality VS. Quantity”.

The Fight: “Quality VS. Quantity”.

Buy Quality and You Will Only Cry Once. – Author Unknown

Quality over quantity is no longer important attribute to consumers in search of a product or service. So many people are intrigued by free or discounted products and services. If something is being given away for free no matter what it is, you are guaranteed to see a million people in line. They squat in lawn chairs and camp out in tents all in hopes that the merchandise does not run out before they can receive their share. On the other hand, if that same product is sold at some consumers tend to then use their reasoning skills. Only then does “Need versus Want” determine their ability to whip out their credit cards.

News Break: Obtaining any product or service in large amounts in not always a win- win situation! Especially when the quality is low! Over the last year, I have noticed this practice with friends, family members and clients who own businesses and start- ups.  My constant advice is to buy it once. Pay for quality!!! What is so disheartening is to witness entrepreneurs seeking to cut costs outsource work to inexperienced administrative assistants or overseas in hopes of saving money. Only to call or email a week later requesting you to play the ‘fixer’!

Inferior products and services are more in demand. It’s is better to have four battered and bruised apples than two beautiful, mouthwatering, organically grown apples. I prefer the two rather than the five but that is not the outlook of the masses. You saved a couple of dollars but ask yourself…

What did you ultimately receive in return?

Were your dollars well spent?

Quantity should not be a substitute for quality! How many times do you have to cry before you realize that not only do you lose money but time? This is true for any situation. This is especially true for business owners. You are your brand. You strive to look and be at your best always. So, should every aspect of your company. Subpar work leaves you with the dilemma of whether you choose to utilize the shabby results of money spent. Cheap work leaves you the burden of reassigning the task to an experienced professional. Are you not tired of crying? But wait! You cry again if you utilize the service of an assistant who refuses to touch the work of another.

There is a saying that states… “Cry as hard as you want, but just make sure that when you stop crying, you never cry for the same reason again”. I have run into people who are real gluttons for punishment. Those who seek quantity over quality will always be bitter. That bitterness will live long after the happiness of the money supposedly saved. When was the last time you purchased a ‘Quality’ product or service for an unbelievably cheap rate?


Quote: Content Creation

Quote: Content Creation

“Content should ask people to do something and reward them for it.” – Lee Odden


“Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content.”Robert Simon

Content creation is one of my favorite tasks that business owners outsource to me. The ability to take their idea or brand and turn it into a creative piece of art in the form of words is fulfilling.

When you choose to outsource your content creation to a virtual assistant be sure to choose someone who will not just put words on paper. Or on a screen!!!

There is an art to content creation! Whether the content is used to inform, a call to action, to sell a product/ service, or to entertain. Allow the creativity to be to such a degree that it sparks interest in the reader.

For more information or assistance with creating content, feel free to comment or email me at

My Continued Service To You!

My Continued Service To You!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.  – Mahatma Gandhi


Skills are either learned or are innate! A calling, if you will! As a pre- teen before I knew what a Fortune 500 company was I knew I wanted to wear a business suit and carry a briefcase. I knew that was not my calling! At that age, a child tends to migrate to what they see as being cool. They start to get their first inclinations of what they want to be when they grow up.

Then high school came along! Freshmen year introduced me to JROTC. Finally, I found my calling! By my sophomore year JROTC undoubtedly removed the briefcase and replaced it with a uniform and the need to serve my country. Once I graduated, I was off to begin my career in the United States Navy. My greatest accomplishment in life!

Finding My place in Service.

Once I finished my service in the Navy, my need to be of service did not end. Like I stated earlier, some skills are learned, and some are innate! I needed to figure out a way to efficiently serve others. The epiphany came in the form of a client comment. As a freelance writer and virtual administrative assistant, I worked with a few loyal customers who loved how I assisted them in running their businesses. One of my clients who referred to me as “The Fixer,” stated Chronicles Administrative Support Services was not an accurate depiction of me and the way I handled business. He elaborated on how he felt about my service. After interviewing other clients, I began my rebranding process.

The Birth of A New Call to Service.

After a week of brainstorming and reviewing the opinions of those I interviewed, The Militant Virtual Assistant finally was born. The Militant Virtual Assistant is a representation of how I service businesses. The foundation is Honor, Courage, and Commitment! To honorably service companies as if they were my own. The courage to go the extra mile and to be a support system for the entrepreneur and the commitment to efficiently help set goals and see them out to completion. The military pillars that are a part of my psyche, I now utilize to motivate entrepreneurs to live out their dreams of being a successful business owner.

Why Militant VA?

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I put myself in the position of my clientele. What do they need the most? It is not just a person to handle calls, check emails or keep them on schedule. Entrepreneurs need more hours in a day! They need to be in two places at once. I pride myself on the ability to keep longer than usual hours; my hours are flexible. I have clients who call or text me on weekends and late in the evening. I have had a realtor showing a house, while I negotiated another deal while texting numbers with them. I feel many Virtual Assistants (VAs) drop the ball by keeping bankers hours and unavailable on weekends. Entrepreneurs rarely take a day off! I am not just there to service the business. I learn the business to become an asset to the company which allows me to aid in its success efficiently.  When my client is successful, I am successful!

Initially, I thought nothing would be as satisfying as my military career. I can honestly say The Militant Virtual Assistant fills that void. I get to do what I love for a living which is not considered work but living out a dream.



Social Media Growth: It is an Organic Thing!

Social Media Growth: It is an Organic Thing!


From little seeds grow mighty trees.


How many times have you logged into your social media accounts to find direct messages offering to sell followers? Too many! As a business owner are you ever tempted to take them up on what seems like a beneficial offer? To be honest, the thought has crossed my mind! Although, once I give thought to the real value of the investment the urge quickly dissipates. I recall all of the reasons why I prefer organic growth.

Organic does not just do the body good!

 When you mention ‘organic’ to people who are not in the marketing industry, they immediately think about a better way of eating. Well, just like there is a healthy way to eat. There is a healthy way to market on social media. Organic marketing is the use of online tools to engage and share relevant content with your target audience to increase the businesses following and promote growth. Organic marketing may sound like a mouth full, but it is the best way to grow your business. 

 Recently, I read an article where the author stated organic social media was dead. They thought paid social media as the way to go for marketing growth. I disagree with the claims that say naturally growing your social media following is less efficient. Good things come to those who patiently wait and persevere. As business owners, authors, bloggers or just ordinary people who like social media we all desire popularity for one reason or another. What are your goals? Attract customers, sell or promote your book, or grow your blog. It is best to Market to those who share your interest or has a need for what you have to offer. Consider the quality of contacts you want to draw.

Why go organic?

Who does not prefer quality over quantity? It is better to have 10,000 genuinely interested and engaged followers on your social media sites than 20,000 disengaged. Ask yourself, how many of the contacts you purchased are loyal to your cause?

  • Will they share your content?
  • Recommend your services?
  • Buy your products?

If these acquired contacts are not a benefit to your social media growth, then it is just meaningless numbers. A show of numbers is not the path to a field of dreams if those goals involve actual growth and accomplishment.

Organic marketing is not just about the figures. Build solid relationships by sharing and creating compelling content. The natural form of marketing will ensure the following:

  • Regularly engaged contacts.
  • Drive traffic to your social media sites.
  • Create leads and possible sales.

There is not a proven social media marketing strategy for community growth. Although, marketing organically increases your chances of success. Consistency, perseverance and patients are ingredients that will boost growth.

I challenge you to invest time in organic marketing before making the final decision to purchase followers. You will be surprised to see how much more beneficial organic marketing is for your social media growth.


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